Friday, February 26, 2010

Release 2010... What Happened.

Last night was our culminating event of Release 2010. 
We invited the campus to hear about what Jesus has to do with the AIDS orphan, and we took our final offering.  We had over 10 students stand up to receive the healing and restoration only Jesus brings.  If you missed Theo Davis speaking, the talk will be up on our NAU InterVarsity blog sometime next week. 

We raised $6515.43!
We will be able to build a home for children orphaned by AIDS with World Vision in Africa.

We are still short of our $10,000 goal, so if you have family or friends that would still like to give, we will be taking donations until March 5th.  You can give them to Adriane Goffena or any of the IV Staff. 

Thanks for all your hard work.  It has been an amazing couple of weeks.

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